About Us

Our curriculum was built by pilots, CFIs and educators. People with years of flying behind them and an understanding of what makes a good pilot. With so many options for ground school, the one component really lacking was FUN. Our electronic content is highly visual, interactive and extremely effective. With over 50 years of combined online educational experience, our team of writers, instructional designers, and programmers have incorporated unique features that make learning the most engaging, fun and effective as it can possibly be!

Our Course Highlights

  • Created in an easy-to-read, conversational style.
  • A total immersion, multi-media experience
  • Built around multiple types of interactivities including fun games, animations, videos and stunning graphics.
  • Enhanced learning through instantaneous feedback on all types of activities and exams.
  • Amusing, harrowing, and interesting real-life experiences from seasoned pilots.
  • Audio games, activities, and scenarios.
  • Gamification.

And all of this is delivered to you, the student, via the cloud.  So you can use it anywhere, anytime, even on your mobile devices.

Shouldn’t learning to fly be as fun as flying itself?

Who says that school shouldn’t be fun?!  Sometime around Junior High we all bought into the fallacy that learning was real drudgery.  But learning should be enjoyable, exciting, even laugh-out-loud fun.

Whether you are an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic (hands on), learner, you can fully engage with the curriculum and find learning not only fun, but very effective.  Because SpectaculAir incorporates interactivities and modalities for all learning styles into our curriculum.

In addition, the entire learning experience has been turned into one big game.  The latest trend in education is called Gamification.  Are you one of millions of Americans who log into games and apps every day to take care of virtual crops or farm animals, upgrade your military, build a virtual world, or battle science fiction creatures?  These same principles that keep you coming back day after day to launch a not-so-happy bird will draw you into your education, fine tuning your competitive or achievement-oriented nature.